Did you know that Paul and Beans have their own website? Before Beans came along Paul had a site called PaultheDog.com, but now that Beans has arrived it's www.PaulandBeans.com! When you visit them there you'll find many pictures and funny captions going back all the way to when Paul was a little puppy. You can see how he's grown up over the years, and you'll find extra photos of Beans that aren't in the book.

See www.PaulandBeans.com!

When he's not busy being one of the stars of Baby Dog Beans Comes Home, Paul likes to indulge in his many hobbies. He runs, he chases balls, he wrestles with Beans, and he keeps a blog. Usually he's shy about letting others see his diary, but he told me to tell you that it's okay if you read it. He updates it once a week, and sometimes he even adds photos and drawings. If you want to read about what Paul's doing inbetween Paul and Beans Adventure books, check Paul's Blog once in a while!

See Paul the Dog's Blog!


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