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New Children’s Book Helps Ease Sibling Rivalry

Book Featuring Photos of Golden Retrievers Teaches Acceptance Of New Baby

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – August 10, 2005 – Parents bringing a new baby into the family can now do more than cross their fingers that their older son or daughter will welcome a new sibling into the fold: they can read big brother or sister a story about it. The newly-released book from Abbott Avenue Press, “Baby Dog Beans Comes Home: A Paul and Beans Adventure,” by Jennie Hale Book, shows with text and photos of Golden Retrievers why getting a new brother or sister might be a blessing rather than a curse.

According to the book, (and to many kids around the world), getting used to a new sibling isn’t always easy. Where once older brother or sister had all of mom and dad’s attention, now it’s divided. And whereas once upon a time older brother or sister got all the toys, nowadays the bats, balls, and dolls have to be shared.

The author writes about jealousy and the many issues surrounding becoming accustomed to a new sibling, with some fun and adventure thrown in. When baby dog Beans first comes home, older brother Paul asks, “Why are my mommy and daddy holding him instead of me?” By using photographs of Golden Retrievers rather than illustrations or photos of other babies, children will learn indirectly from the story.

“Nobody likes to be hit over the head with a lesson,” Ms. Book says. “It’s more fun for a little kid to read about dogs that are dealing with the same issues they are and putting two and two together for themselves, rather than being told blatantly how they’re expected to behave.”

With a do-it-yourself spirit and a desire to print the book in full color with eye-catching photos and graphics, Ms. Book opted to forego the traditional publishing house route and instead started her own publishing company, Abbott Avenue Press. And it seems to be working, since Abbott Avenue and “Baby Dog Beans” have already garnered some well-known fans: Actress Betty White says about the book, “One doesn’t have to live with a golden retriever to love this little book – but may find a great need for one.” And celebrated children’s author Mark Teague of the Detective LaRue series adds, “This is a gentle story told with simple words and funny pictures. A great read for dogs or children faced with the challenges of a new sibling.”

Ms. Book and Abbott Avenue Press plan a series of similar books to be written in the same style with the same Golden Retrievers. “Another area of anxiety for children is the first day of school, which can be easily related to obedience class for a dog. We hope that as with Baby Dog Beans, we can continue to encourage kids as they grow up and meet new challenges without telling them how they should do things. We want them to have fun and figure it out for themselves.”

About the author:
Jennie Hale Book is a writer living in Burbank, California, with her husband Josh and two golden retrievers, Paul and Beans. She is currently at work on the second book in the Paul and Beans Adventure series: “Baby Dog Beans Goes to School.”

Title: Baby Dog Beans Comes Home: A Paul and Beans Adventure
Author: Jennie Hale Book
Publisher: Abbott Avenue Press
ISBN: 0-9767514-2-9
9.5 x 9.5 hardcover, 22pp, color photographs, $13.95

The book is available to retail outlets through the publisher, Abbott Avenue Press,, or

Baby Dog Beans Comes Home: A Paul and Beans Adventure is available now at and

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Of Abbott Avenue Press
(818) 843-6578

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